The Ballanta Academy of Music believes everyone deserves a musical education and has been fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue that philosophy. The BAM facilitates school outreach programmes designed to provide music instruction opportunities to children. In most cases, without the Ballanta Academy of Music, none of our current partner schools would have a music programme with your help and support. These programmes are designed to offer music instruction in primary schools.

You can sponsor a needy student to learn a particular instrument of his/her choice in a form of a scholarship or you can sponsor a school for an academic year or you can just make a donation to support us make this programme a success every year 

Biz4Ballanta Initiative:-

We have decided to launch this initiative to invite you to support us in any of our major areas of expenditure below:-

1. Scholarships for needy students to study an instrument at the academy. Each scholarship averages    Le1,770,000 ($208)per annum including one external examination

2. Sponsorship of class music lessons at public schools for the period of 30 weeks in the academic year, like the municipal schools averaging Le5,400,000 ($635). This will ensure 2 lessons a week for 2 classes at a school. This support will mean that public schools which cannot afford lessons like private schools, can benefit from our training


3. Sponsorship of cultural music events like concerts, festivals, competitions, averaging Le9,000,000 ($1,059) an event


4. Funding for trips for research into cultural music, averaging Le8,500,000 ($1,000) per trip


5. Purchase of musical Instruments like keyboards, brass instruments. Approximate cost per instrument is Le4,000,000 ($471)


6. Financing workshops for in service training of music teachers in schools, averaging Le5,500,000 ($647)


7. Equipment like laptops, chairs, photocopier, mics, speakers

Stationery items like paper, files, ink cartridges


8. Fuel for the generator and vehicle averaging Le4,000,000 ($470) per annum


9. Air fare for trips abroad for staff development/consultants from abroad averaging $1,600.


10. Internet connection for the year Le14,400,000 ($1,694)


11. Refreshments for events (we will accept the actual drink instead of cash)


12. Electricity top-ups averaging Le3,000,000 ($353) a year


13. Sponsorship of videos of events averaging Le4,620,000 ($544) a year

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