I have accepted this fact about my life: that most of the time I would have to practice hard and develop without being monitored by a teacher. I would receive music tips here and there, and that was all. ssMy style of music is one I simply developed by myself. Below are highlights of my music life. Enjoy reading.

  1. Leslie Nicholas Cummings-Wray known as or fondly called “Brother Nick”, “Uncle Nick” and “Mr. Leslie”

  2. Known for playing the saxophone, the guitar and for involvement in Gospel Music activities.

  3. 1984 Started singing whilst attending the St. Edward’s Secondary School and started composing songs.

  4. 1984 -1985, experimented on the sangbai (bata) and the tambourine.

  5. Early 1986, was taught how to play the drum kit.

  6. Late 1986, started playing the guitar.

  7. 1987, taught himself to play the keyboard

  8. 1987, Sang bass in a group of five representing the Scripture Union Sierra Leone in a singing competition with gospel music groups and youth fellowships. This group came 2nd in position.

  9. 1989 – 1992, Music Director of Youth Ministry, Evangel A.G. Church.

  10. 1991 Played guitar for the Rheinard Bonnke Gospel Crusade in Freetown.

  11. 1989 – 1996, and 2000 to date (2018), Music Director, Evangel A.G. Church

  12. Late 1980s – early 1990 Trained some Scripture Union groups to sing for their schools’ Prize Giving and Speech Day Ceremonies, such as The Sierra Leone Grammar School, Vine Memorial School for Girls (formerly Roosevelt Secondary School) and St. Edward’s Secondary School.

  13. 1992, started playing the saxophone.

  14. 1996, started playing the recorder.

  15. 1996-1999 studied for Higher Teachers Certificate (Performing Arts) at the Milton Margai College of Education.

  16. 2000, Featured as guest saxophonist and soloist for “Encounter 2000”, a programme organized by the Living Word of Faith Outreach Ministries International.

  17. 1999 – 2002, Music Teacher at the Methodist Girls High School, and on several occasions trained the choir for Prize Giving and Speech Day Ceremonies.

  18. In the 1990s, trained several gospel groups in Freetown, and featured in several gospel music concerts.

  19. In the 2000s, continued in various musical activities including being a judge at some musical competitions, and giving talks at musical retreats of church groups

  20. 2002 – 2016 Music Teacher at The International School Ltd (secondary)

  21. 2005 – 2010 Obtained through Ballanta Academy of Music the following ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music) Certificates : Grade 7 Theory of Music with pass, Grade 4 Piano with pass, Grade 5 Alto Saxophone with merit, Grade 8 Alto Saxophone with pass.

  22. 2006 to date (2018) Music Teacher and Performer at the Ballanta Academy of Music.

  23. 2016 – Started the Gospel Music Seminar, a programme aimed at correcting problems and meeting challenges faced by music ministries in churches that are in Freetown.

  24. 2016 & 2017 September, travelled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for music training under GMA.

  25. Presently, the Senior Teacher at Ballanta Academy of Music, and teaches Theory of Music, Saxophone, Guitar, Keyboard and Beginner’s piano.

  26. 2016 to date, lead guitar player, Groovy Colours band, Ballanta Academy of Music.


Leslie Nicholas M. Cummings-Wray

Main Road, Baoma



Sierra Leone

Email : jupiter12martin@gmail.com

Tel: +232-76-671503 & +232-77-081645


  • I started music in 1984. Unlike others, for me it was not my decision. I was forced to sing by a friend who was older than me, and he physically grabbed me and dragged me to a singing practice session for the Scripture Union group that I was attending. That day in January 1984, marked the beginning of my music life.

  • All was not smooth. Most of the time, I would learn to play something new simply because I was pushed to the corner and I had no choice. I started singing because I was forced to, but I continued. Situation forced me to play the keyboard. A fellowship meeting that I was attending had a guitar in a very bad shape, and there was a piano with no one to play. I transferred my knowledge of the guitar to the piano and started playing chords. Later there was a tenor saxophone in church. The player taught me the C major scale. After that day, I never saw him again.

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