Mohamed Dainkeh is the Finance Officer with a B.Sc. in Business Administration. He is also a musician. He teaches keyboard and piano for little ones. He is the keyboardist at the New Life Church (Aberdeen branch).
‘I want to be a great musician not only in performance but also in teaching as I want to reach the highest level in my music career especially in Jazz and Keyboard playing. When I attended the World Voice workshop run by the British Council I added many new ideas which I now use for classroom teaching, for students at the academy and also for away students.
I have been in the music teaching field for nine years teaching in various schools in the city such as; Kingdom Heritage Model School (KHMS WINNERS CHAPEL) and JT Reffell French Friendship Memorial School where I’m currently teaching part time. I really like the children’s classes.
I also compose songs in local languages especially in THEMNE which i speak very well, i have composed a lot of songs in our local languages for Primary schools like JT Reffell, Winners Chapel School etc and also Hotels like Bintumani in their rehabilation ceremony where i composed a song titled BINTUMANI HOTEL NA FINE HOTEL”.



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