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Kao Denero

is a hip hop artist that has become well-known throughout West Africa and the West African diaspora throughout the world. He is one of the most well known rap artists from the small country of Sierra Leone, and has also been called the "King of Freetown", after a successful album of the same title was released. Other albums are "Freetown's Most Wanted", and 2008's "A New Beginning".

Sierra Leone’s most famous Hip Hop superstar is striving for higher heights in his career. Kao Denero whose given name is Amara Dennis Turay was born in Lungi township, Port Loko District, Sierra Leone. He went on to attend St. Edwards Secondary School in Freetown. Kao grow up in a middle class family. His father worked at Lungi Airport while his mother was a civil servant at P. W. D. At age 13 his parents separated marking the beginning of some very trying times for young Kao Denero. From lyrical misinterpretation to opinionated controversies to a daily struggle, the ever influential Black Leo leader has been through it all.

Music has always been home for Kao Denero. His father, an avid Congolese music listener played African music from all countries as Kao took note. When he started performing his own music he was initially known as “Sloop Cow” tallying with an American style of music. But then he decided to re-brand his image with an African concentration. Kao Denero maintains a hard core Hip Hop influence with a strong African twist in his music. His First album was “Black Leo 4 Life” which he released in 2003. Then he released “Stories From Freetown” which spurned the hit single “Emonah – Feat. Big Joe”. This marked the beginning of Kao’s prominence. He won “Best Hip Hip Song” for this song at the Premier Music Awards in Freetown. Kao, who had also lived in Conakry, Guinea, released his highly controversial “King Of Freetown” album in 2005 (his third album).

This “King Of Freetown” album is where he earned his acclaimed subheading – King Of Freetown. Since then, many challenges have appeared for him. Different artists have come to challenged his claim to the throne, rumors and beefs also ensued causing Kao to defend his title on many occasions. His next album was a double CD album entitled “Freetown’s Most Wanted” which featured Shaba Ranks on the hit single “Trouble”.Along with it’s predecessors, this CD also had a successful release at  Family Kingdom at Aberdeen, Freetown.