Isha Mamasa Bull is the Admin Assistant at the Ballanta Academy of Music. She assists in the day-to-day operation of the academy, overseeing and handling office and other administrative duties. Some of these include ensuring proper maintenance and storage of files and documents. She receives and directs students and visitors as well as prepares student ID cards, students’ progress report sheets and teachers’ time tables. She monitors the progress of various assignments given to staff to ensure that the principal is kept fully informed on all matters requiring immediate attention.

Before joining the academy Isha worked as Admin Assistant at Type Tech Computer Training Center in Freetown. She was also continuity announcer at Skyy Women’s World Network FM 106.6 in Freetown and a Voter Identification Officer for National Electoral Commission during the 2007 and 2012 national elections.

Isha is an ardent lover of music, particularly saxophone performances. She loves working with children. The children of the Saturday Music-and-Dance classes love Isha.

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