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Our music programs and lessons are pocket friendly. These provide learning opportunities to students from various backgrounds.

Fees are paid in advance and can be paid in full at the beginning or in 2 installments.



Our 10 week Applied Music Course is offered all year round.


1. Two instrumental lessons per week.

30 Mins Beginners
45 Mins Intermediate
60 Mins Advanced


2. Music Theory – Group Class / 60 mins per week

Music theory is a requirement for all Applied Music Course students


This program offers three 45 min instrument lessons per week. Music Theory is part of the instrument lesson.

This program is offered throughout the year.


Ballanta offers instruction in the following instruments:

  1. Piano/Keyboard                                      

  2. Voice                               

  3. Recorder                         

  4. Guitar                              

  5. Violin/FLUTE                              

  6. Organ

  7. Drum Set

  8. African Drums/Dance

  9. Wind Instruments. e.g Woodwind, Brass, Saxophone


No matter the age we welcome all beginners and students of all levels.


Ballanta also offers group lessons (4-6 students).
These lessons last for one hour a week and are offered for voice and keyboard students.

IV Special Courses


We offer special courses in both Organ Performance and Conducting for both Choir and Brass Band.

1. Organ performance

2. Conducting



1. Holiday School

We offer a holiday school for the kids during the holidays including music and a variety of arts activities.


a) Music and Dance. Time: 11:00am-12:15pm

b) Acrobatic Gymnastics. Time: 12:15-1:15pm

The above programs are for kids aged 5-12 years for a duration of 1hour each.

Music Program

I Applied Music Course

II Monthly Music Program

III Group Lessons

V Kids!