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AYODELE SCOTT, master drummer and teacher of indigenous music, has started his course on indigenous music with our outreach more



The International Jazz Evening on May 4th 2019 at the Bintumani Hotel.... read more

Mr. Logie WRIGHT.....

Logie Wright was born on the 28th June 1927 in Freetown. When he was growing up his family had a harmonium in the house to accompany hymn singing. He and his brothers were part of the St. George’s Cathedral Choir. At the Government Model School he learned the Methodist hymn tunes and at the Prince of Wales School he was taught singing

At Fourah Bay College, he was a member of the College Choir and the Glee Club. He was Head of the Department of Music at Milton Margai College since its inception and for many years afterwards till retirement. He then became Principal of the Ballanta Academy of Music which he co-founded.

His compositions: By By Baby Lullay (a Christmas Carol, I Will Lift up Mine Eyes Unto the Hills (an anthem), Psalm 100 – O Be Joyful in the Lord (an anthem in Krio), Hymn of Adoration (an anthem composed to mark the consecration of the Rt. Rev. Prince Thompson as Anglican Bishop of Freetown and Bo), Lulinden. His arrangements:- the National Anthem (melody by John Akar, words by Clifford Fyle), O Brother Where’re you going to (Krio shout), De Spirit of Krismes, Conquer Temptation (a carol by Olivette Caulker, adapted from a Krio shout), Monye di na montie (traditional Ghanaian).

His research into indigenous Sierra Leonean music led to arrangements of folk songs including Nchomelen (in Sherbro) and N’na Kanyada Ma (Mandingo) for the SATB choir, Be-e Mue-Yo (a carol in Sherbro), and Bu-di-em Bu-dia-Mu (Fula) 


Our aim is to reach out to those communitiy schools and get music education to that poor child who can not afford it. But its only your help can see us succeed 

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